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News » Ron Gardenhire rages after Minnesota Twins end up on short end against Baltimore Orioles

Ron Gardenhire rages after Minnesota Twins end up on short end against Baltimore Orioles

Ron Gardenhire rages after Minnesota Twins end up on short end against Baltimore Orioles
BALTIMORE -- Somewhere between downpour and deluge, Ron Gardenhire believes the Twins got hosed.

After a 42-minute wait for the rain to subside before the game, after a 40-minute delay in the second inning, an 87-minute suspension in the fourth inning and another 59 minutes of downtime in the sixth, the Baltimore Orioles were awarded a 4-1 victory over the Twins at soggy Camden Yards.

And the Twins' manager and chief meterologist said it never should have happened.

"The game should have never started in the first place," Gardenhire fumed after the game was called at 12:19 a.m. "We never had a window, I mean, all night long. All you have to do is look at the radar, and you see it's supposed to rain all night long. Once we stopped the first time, (we) should have never went back out there. There was never more than a 15-minute window to do anything. So that's a joke."

And here's the not-so-funniest part, Gardenhire seemed to imply: Once the Orioles took a 3-0 lead against Kevin Slowey in the first inning, the umpires' main goal was to complete five innings so the game would not have to be made up, despite persistent rain that only occasionally let up. In other words, the Twins' chances of making up the deficit were confiscated by bad weather decisions.

"Major league Baseball is nine innings. And we didn't get a chance to (play) that because the weather showed that, from the get-go, we shouldn't have been doing this -- from the get-go," Gardenhire seethed. "Somebody made a mistake here and screwed up. And I don't know who's supposed to be accountable for this (stuff), but my team ends up paying the final price -- because we lose a Baseball game."

Amid the endless delays -- three hours and 46 minutes, all told -- the Twins fell behind when Nick Markakis hit a two-run home run off the right-field foul pole in the first inning. Luke Scott singled home another run, but Kevin Slowey, now 4-1 on the season, didn't allow another run in his remaining two innings before another thunderstorm cut his night short.

Craig Breslow relieved Slowey and pitched two innings, allowing a home run to Luke Scott on his first pitch. But the Twins scored a run in the fifth off ex- Twin Brian Bass (1-1) on Nick Punto's groundout.

Inattention forces demotion: Alexi Casilla didn't want to go, but he understood the decision, said Twins manager Ron Gardenhire, who told the second baseman of his demotion when the Twins arrived at their Baltimore hotel late Tuesday night.

"He said he knows, he doesn't feel right right now," the manager said. "He said, 'I know I'm not playing good; mentally, I'm trying so hard, but it's not working.' "

Casilla's .167 batting average, just .080 against left-handers, was proof of that. But Gardenhire said it wasn't the hitting slump that forced the move but Casilla's increasing inattention to detail -- even after being warned about it.

"The last few nights, it actually got worse," Gardenhire said.

The 24-year-old Dominican didn't run after popping up a bunt on Monday, resulting in a double play when the Tigers let the ball drop. He failed to relay a throw from home that might have thrown out Gerald Laird on Tuesday. And in his final at-bat, "he hit a pop fly and ran with the bat all the way to first base, not really running," the manager said. "And that's just not acceptable. There is no excuse for (lack of) hustle."

The problem is mental, Gardenhire said, but he doesn't believe Casilla -- who is out of options -- is gone for good. "He'll get straightened out a little bit. He can still really help us," the manager said.

Briefly: Joe Crede was scratched from the lineup shortly before Wednesday's game after coming down with a stomach ailment. He was taken to a hospital for tests to make sure it wasn't anything more than a virus.

Joe Mauer was given the night off after two consecutive long nights, including 1 2/3 innings of catching R.A. Dickey's knuckleball. "Balls were ringing off him a little bit," Gardenhire said.

Harris batted third for the first time since 2007.

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Added: May 7, 2009

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