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His manager, Joe Girardi — himself a veteran of extended fan hazing back in '96 — had expressed a fervent belief that Teixeira was thisclose to a breakout.

"He's getting a lot of good swings, hitting a lot of hard foul balls, guys are making great plays on him," Girardi said. "I don't see him beating himself up the way I did in my first year here, or losing any confidence."

And all he needed was for this moment to morph into The Moment. One swing. One heroic swing. Yankees fans had been giddy when Teixeira signed in December, a Steinbrenner Family Christmas present, and at the time they weren't bothered by the fact that Teixeira seemed most pleased that the Yankees provided a star salary without star responsibilities. He talked of blending in with his other high-priced teammates. Which he's done.

But the Yankees didn't need him to blend now. They needed a hit.

And so did Teixeira.

For a few moments, you could almost imagine this being the spark that revved Mark Teixeira's engine, because it all seemed fated: Red Sox in town, Yankees desperate for a win, and what a win this would be: against Papelbon, a comeback, with Alex Rodriguez ready to mount his white steed back into town in a few days. It was perfect.

And one more time, baseball proved it is not always perfect. Teixeira worked the count to 2-and-1. Papelbon seemed to be reeling. And then he wasn't. Boom — fastball. Boom — fastball.

And poof — there went The Moment, for another day, another game. It will come, some day, some game. Some other day. Some other game.

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Added: May 5, 2009

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News » Teixeira's struggle has a familiar ring to it

Teixeira's struggle has a familiar ring to it

Teixeira's struggle has a familiar ring to it
NEW YORK - This was it. This was the moment — no, make The Moment, capital "T,'' capital "M'' — that Mark Teixeira had been searching for, seeking, waiting for. This is all part of the initiation rites, you know, the pinstriped equivalent of pricking your finger, making it bleed, taking a sacred oath.

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